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    June 9, 2023

Red Lights and Green Lights to Look For when Picking Your Laser Hair Removal Services

It’s hard enough to deal with unwanted hair all over your body and face…does it have to be painful to find the right place to remove it? Absolutely not! This quick article can help you search for the right Laser Hair Removal Medical Spa so you have one less thing to worry about!

This step in getting Laser Hair Removal is the most important of all, as the wrong decision could lead to dissatisfaction with your service, loss of money, and in worst-case scenarios, temporary or permanent damage to the areas being treated! You make decisions almost every day – where to buy jeans, what route to take to work, what to make for dinner – and probably have pretty good systems to ensure these decisions are quick, easy, and satisfying. This handy guide can help you decide about laser hair removal just as simply! In short, your decision about where to spend your hard-earned money and valuable time on laser hair removal services should include considerations of the following Red Lights and Green Lights.

Red Light: They only have one type of laser technology
Would you pay hard-earned money for a meal prepared by a ‘chef’ who only uses one pan, one tool, and one technique?! There are hundreds of lasers and a number of laser hair removal technologies, and your skin’s reaction and results can depend on your skin and hair type. If a laser clinic has only one kind of laser, that means they aren’t equipped to consider these reactions, which may lead to poor results, a waste of money, and possibly even damage your skin!

Green LightThey have at least two types of laser technology, and make recommendations based on your unique skin and hair type.

This is especially important for those with melanin-rich skin, as people of colour respond very well to Nd: YAG technology lasers. Someone with lighter skin tones may respond better to a laser with Alexandrite technology, as it can treat large areas and distinguish the hair from the skin on very light tones. Some skin tones respond best to Diode technology, and the technique these lasers use may be more comfortable for some clients. A proper clinic will not only know this, but will ensure that the treatments they suggest are the most efficient, useful, and safe for you.

How to Tell? Ask the clinic upon first contact what lasers they use and what they generally recommend for your skin tone and type. If they hesitate to give a proper answer, you should hesitate to choose that laser hair removal clinic!

Red Light: The person performing your treatment isn’t clear on their certification. Would you go to a dentist who has never been to dental school? Many spas expect you to trust their technicians who have never been to laser training or take minimal courses without practical experience. Entrusting your skin to a technician with a hazy educational background can lead to ineffectual treatment, and even skin burns and scars. A trusted laser hair technician will have gone through laser hair training and will have the certification to prove it. The best technicians will update their training frequently to ensure they are up-to-date with the safest standards of treatment.

Green LightThe laser hair removal clinic displays its certifications. Not only are they transparent about their educational backgrounds, but the best clinics also make it clear that the person treating your precious skin is properly trained and certified to use laser technology safely. These valuable professionals are often certified Medical Aestheticians with extra laser hair removal training. Clinics that are at the highest standards also have a Medical Director – a nurse practitioner or dermatologist – that guides the safest practices and standards for the clinic.

How to Tell? Look out for displays of certifications and training courses and medical director information. If you can’t see them, ask your technician. Any legitimate clinic will not hesitate to inform you about its standards and practices so you can make the best decision for your treatments.

Red Light: The laser clinic has no standard consultations or patch tests available.

Would you buy a vehicle without taking it for a test drive?! Laser hair removal is a permanent, medical procedure to remove hair from your skin, and lasers are powerful tools that should be operated by a caring professional. It isn’t a decision that is right for everyone, and any laser hair removal clinic that attempts to sell you something without sitting down to discuss it with you first, or even taking the time to explain procedures and at least basics before you are pressured to pay, run!

Green Light: The Medi-Spa offers complimentary, pressure-free consultations with laser hair removal experts.

Before discussing payment options or starting treatments, your laser hair removal technician should discuss your skin type, conditions, medical history, recent sun exposure, and any other questions or concerns you have. A reputable clinic can also offer small patch tests once the technician assesses your skin and selects the best laser for the best results. This ensures the treatment doesn’t irritate you, damage your skin, or hurt you. You can’t continue treatments if you find it too painful. A reputable clinic will also always discuss options, and try to find the best procedure for you, not just push the package that will give them the most money. If there are no free consultations, or it feels more like a sales pitch, reconsider your choice of a laser hair removal clinic.

How to Tell? The Laser Clinic or Medispa should offer you a consultation without you asking, and willingly book you for one before any discussion of payment comes up! Your laser hair removal tech should be open, and honest, and give you answers with integrity. A laser hair removal clinic should feel more like a doctor’s clinic than a salesroom. You be the judge, and beware if it doesn’t feel right!

Red Light: The pricing is way too high, or way too low
Although pricing can vary depending on the quality of service, up-to-date technology, number of sessions, and other factors, there are regular industry standards in your area, and most pricing should be around that point. It gets really sketchy when a laser clinic is offering prices so low, you feel like you couldn’t possibly refuse! This, unfortunately, usually means one or more of the other red lights discussed above are present; bad laser hair removal tech, untrained laser technicians, unsanitary spaces, and ineffectual treatment.

Green Light: The Laser Hair removal pricing is transparent, matches the time, quality, and size of your treatment plan, and is discussed in detail before you sign on the dotted line. Clinics with integrity will discuss your options and devise a plan that suits your lifestyle and skincare needs and won’t try to overwhelm you with too good deals or dodgy price plans.

How to Tell? The Laser technician will break down the costs, discuss options, and explain any available pricing plans. This transparency will be available to take home, think about, and ask any questions you may have before buying. A reputable clinic is offering a valuable medical aesthetics service, this isn’t a bargain bin in a retail store, and you shouldn’t be treated like just another sale!

Red Light: Safety and protocols are sketchy or don’t seem to be available at all! Would you get on a cruise ship without lifeboats or safety gear in sight?! Unreputable laser hair removal salons will seem to only care about your money and are unclear about how you should take care of yourself before, during, and after your treatments. Lasers are machinery, and you should have a sanitized space to get your treatment, with the appropriate safety gear, including goggles and gloves. Aftercare and maintenance are also important; remember, laser hair removal is a process that takes a number of sessions over months, and touch-up sessions may be required over the years to maintain the hair-free look you are looking for. A proper clinic will be prepared to take care of you and answer any situation that arises over time. If the technicians’ only question for you is “cash or credit?”, RUN.

Green Light: Your chosen clinic takes the time to discuss all care and safety issues that may arise over time with your treatments, and makes sure that you are aware of risks, and are educated on how you can contribute to the care of your skin before, during, and after treatments, and require you to understand and fill out proper safety forms before you begin any session at all. The clinic should also have clear and concise directions for safety and sanitization during your treatments, and provide goggles, clean treatment rooms, and other items when necessary. Honesty and integrity are central to finding a good clinic for laser hair removal services, and literature should be available to help you understand the process better. This goes hand in hand with maintaining the laser machines properly, and maintaining the technician’s skill level over time through training and upgrades; you as a client need to be ‘maintained’ throughout your treatments, including keeping you safe.

How to Tell? This will be clear in your first consultation with a clinic technician and include a breakdown of the safety protocols, a form explaining the risks, which will be signed before you have your first treatment, and either a written or oral explanation of before and aftercare. A reputable clinic will also show you the sanitized space and the safety equipment available for your treatments. It should feelsafe; if you don’t get that feeling, keep looking. You can also ask in your consultation what the technician and clinic are doing to keep you safe, and if the answer isn’t satisfactory, this is a huge sign that they might not have a professional set of protocols in place. A good rule of thumb is this: Reputable Clinics LOVE Questions. They want you to be a part of the process, and asking questions lets a good technician know that you care as much as they do about providing safe and effective service.

There are other things to look out for when selecting a laser hair removal service and clinic, including the more obvious overall cleanliness of the space, the sanitization procedures, the availability of the technician for questions, and the advice that the laser technician gives you! Remember, you will be getting months to years of services, so entering an agreement for a treatment schedule means starting a working relationship with your laser hair removal professional. Where reputable clinics foster this relationship between client and professional – which helps you understand your needs better over time – sketchy clinics often change technicians. You never know who will be there to provide your service from trip to trip. This can mean that while you are comfortable with one technician, the next has different certifications and experience that might not fit you. You can gauge all these things by using your eyes, ears, and questions to ask anything unclear! If they hesitate, maybe you should think about trying a new place!

At Laserlicious, our technicians are highly trained with impressively long resumes filled with up-to-date certifications. They constantly update their laser hair removal knowledge with training sessions to discuss and practice new techniques. These medical aestheticians are knowledgeable and LOVE to answer any questions you have about laser hair removal. This is because, to them, the services they offer aren’t just their bread and butter; they BELIEVE that well-informed, safe decisions are paramount to laser hair removal treatments. We offer complimentary consultations on all laser hair removal services and provide information on what to expect before and after your treatments. We also have the integrity to be honest with results, scheduling, and number of sessions, BEFORE we start!

And it’s not just our people…our technology is award-winning, top-of-the-line laser hair removal tools. We provide the three best types of laser to treat all skin types and most hair types – the Nd: YAG, great for darker skin types, the Alexandrite, best for the lightest skin types, and the Diode, a fantastic laser for most all skin types in a quick and virtually painless session! We are open, honest, and ready to answer any questions, you ask!