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Acne Treatment in Etobicoke & Greater Toronto

Acne treatment toronto

What is Acne?

Acne is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that causes blackheads, whiteheads, acne cysts/nodules, irritation and redness. These can happen anywhere on the skin but occur especially where you have oil glands; the face, shoulders, back, neck, chest, and upper arms. It is not contagious, but can continue for short or long periods of time depending on the individual and treatment. The medical term for this condition is acne vulgaris. If you have acne, you’re not alone! It’s one of the most common skin conditions out there, and about 80% of people ages 11 to 30 will have at least a mild form of acne in their lifetime.

Besides these most common signs, acne can also lead to other long-lasting symptoms that can profoundly affect an individual’s life and self-esteem. Acne scars present in different ways but may be permanent and occur when the acne is deep and leads to the breakdown of the walls of the pores, which creates texture and bumps on the surface of the skin. Discolouration can also occur, sometimes in the form of redness and irritation, and other times in the form of dark spots that can present in different colours ranging from yellow to black but are not permanent but do take a much longer time to fade, sometimes even years.

Acne plagues young people and adults alike, and all skin types can be affected. Research is ongoing as to why some people are more likely to develop it than others, but thankfully it is a condition that can be treated with proper skin treatments and home care.

What Causes Acne?

Acne starts when greasy secretions from the skin’s oil glands clog the tiny openings for hair follicles and pores. Your hair follicles are tiny tube-like openings that hold individual strands of hair, and pores provide openings for the draining of oils from glands and sweat from your skin. Pores can clog with three major sources of build up:

  • 1 Sebum: A substance that your body creates to provide an oily, protective barrier for your skin.
  • 2Bacteria: These mostly friendly organisms live naturally on your skin.
  • 3Dead skin cells: As your skin replenishes itself with new cells, the oldest shed off to make room for fresh ones. If they get stuck, they can create a clog in your pores.

While all acne includes blocked pores, the different types of acne appear differently. For example, if the clogged pore remains closed the acne develops as a pus-filled bump that appears on the surface of your skin called a white head or pustule, while if the clogged pore enlarges the opening of the pore, the clogs take the form of blackheads.

Ance treatment clinic in Toronto

Factors such as genetics, hormones, and diet are contributors to acne especially on the face, and stress can exacerbate Acne that has already developed. Acne can also develop from the type of workout and equipment used; irritating the skin with persistent rubbing and wearing clothing that traps heat and sweat can cause breakouts. Even the environment, especially humidity, can trigger a breakout.

Hormones can explain why Acne tends to begin showing symptoms during puberty when the oil-producing glands in your skin grow and start producing more, but people of almost any age can suffer from the effects. Even infants can develop neonatal acne! Acne commonly affects women over 25 years of age, whether it be a continuation of teenage Acne or a development in adulthood. This has a variety of causes but can be linked to the usage of hair products and skin moisturizers that include pore-blocking oils, and the use of cosmetics that mask a breakout but actually contribute to acne.

Ance treatment clinic in Toronto
Ance treatment in Toronto

Can Acne affect skin tones and types differently?

While the main mechanism of blocking and clogging pores is the same for everyone, acne can also affect different skin types in different ways. This is because your skin is always doing its job to protect itself from UV sun rays and inflammation by releasing melanin, the same molecule that pigments our skin and hair. When the skin gets irritated and inflamed from acne – or even the products we use in hopes of combating acne – melanin is also released. Cool right?

It affects darker skin tones frequently because dark beautiful skin produces more melanin. This can result in Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), which presents as dark patches on the skin that can last longer than the acne itself. People with darker skin tones are also more likely to develop textural and keloid scars, which are raised bumps on the skin post breakout that are permanent. Preventing and treating the acne before it gets to this point is a very important step to avoid these spots and scars.

There are also different types of texture of skin that have nothing to do with skin tone, but are instead based on the amount of sebum (oil) your skin produces. These types can be influenced by the same factors that affect acne – genetics, hormones, humidity, stress, diet, aging – and therefore present symptoms of acne differently. A proper assessment to determine your type can help you develop a plan to attack your acne with the most effectiveness. In general there are 5 types of skin – Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily, and Sensitive – with Oily and Combination being the types most likely to develop acne symptoms like white heads and black heads as increased oil production can lead to more pore blockages.

Diet, products used on the skin, skincare routine, and other factors are all contributors to the severity and longevity of acne outbreaks. With all of this working against you, it might seem hopeless! But aid is available, and for every skin type, tone, severity, and length of acne break out, we have developed tried and true methods to combat the clog and create the clear! With our collaboration, there are lots of ways you can prevent and shorten a breakout using products, treatments, and actions that we can recommend. Laserlicious can help!

Ance treatment in Toronto

What Can Be Done
About Acne?

Acne can be pervasive and continuous for a long time, at any stage in a person’s life. Left untreated, it can even get worse! A small breakout can turn into a large area of blackheads, painful bumps, and can lead to permanent scarring and marks. To decrease the chance of having severe breakouts and permanent damage to your skin, getting professional advice and help is a great start.

At Laserlicious, we offer many different options to treat your acne issues, ranging from advice, home care, products, and treatment plans that suit your lifestyle and skin type. It may take several different modes of treatment and product to find a routine that works best for your skin, even if a certain routine works for someone with similar acne and skin type. Professional assessment and treatments can significantly reduce outbreaks and help you maintain clearer skin.

Toronto acne treatment

What Acne Treatments Are Available At Laserlicious?

At Laserlicious, we have a variety of effective treatments that help our clients reduce acne breakouts and prevent new ones. These are well-known, researched treatments that our highly-skilled medical aestheticians have perfected through years of practice and experience. While they are effective on their own, we often recommend one or more of these solutions used in concert as an overall treatment plan.

Topical At-Home Solutions

Some of the most important things you can do to combat acne start at home! With the right products, breakouts can be prevented and shortened. Some of the products we have in stock include:

Acne treatment GTA
  • Dr. Schrammek Enzyme Regulating and Peeling Cream – Especially for oily, blemish prone skin, this lightweight cream helps to control breakouts and refine skin texture.
  • AlumierMD Acne Balancing Serum – A highly effective, lightweight serum that absorbs quickly to reduce acne, allow the skin to heal, and prevent new pimples. Great for oily/combination skin.
  • Innoaesthetics 𝛃 Purifier 24H Cream – Regulates the production of sebum in oily and acne prone skin. Shrinks open pores and restores skin balance, controls bacterial overgrowth, and reduces inflammation.
  • AlumierMD Spot Clearing Lotion – With 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, this innovative spot treatment works by decreasing the number of acne-causing bacteria to allow for faster post-breakout healing.
  • AlumierMD Acne Clarifying Cleanser – A gentle yet effective cleanser that deep-cleans pores and calms skin for a clearer complexion.
  • Dr. Schrammek Special Regulating Cream – A mattifying, clearing cream that normalizes the skin’s natural processes to prevent inflammation and the formation of blackheads without irritating the skin.


In-Clinic Treatments

What Are The Best Treatments For Acne In The Greater Toronto Area?

Since there are different types of acne, treatments for acne will depend on your acne type, skin type and sensitivity, your medical aesthetician will recommend the proper treatment plan, customized to your lifestyle and budget.

Our wide range of acne treatments include but are not limited to well-known classics and innovative techniques alike.

toronto ance treatment clinic
  • Chemical Peels – An acid-based solution is applied to the skin, leading to exfoliation, loosening, and removal of the upper layers of the skin to reveal healthy new skin below. Boosting the growth of new healthy skin cells is paramount to stopping a breakout in its tracks and helping prevent future outbreaks.
  • Laser Therapy – Ideal for people with Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), our GentleMAX Pro laser attracts and draws the spot-causing melanin to the skin’s surface without harming the surrounding tissue. When the pigmentation dries and falls off the skin, you’re left with a clearer, more even-toned skin surface.
  • Microneedling – Great for those with scars from acne, microneedling is a mildly invasive treatment with little to no downtime. Using the Advanced Cell Stimulation (ACS) Pen®, tiny micro injuries are introduced to the surface of the skin to stimulate your nerve sensors to encourage collagen and elastin production, leading to smoother-textured skin.
  • Specialty Targeting Facials – Utilizing world-renowned skincare brands and tools, these medi facials combine extractions, enzymes, and spot correcting to improve skin smoothness and balance oil production, leaving you with an overall deeply-exfoliated glow.
  • Dr. Schrammek Original Green Peel – Available in three different levels to treat different skin concerns, this peel is natural, without acids or chemical additives. A blend of dried and crushed herbs is applied onto the skin, leading to a visibly renewed complexion. The best part? The herbs continue to work for up to 4 weeks after application!
toronto ance treatment clinic
acne treatment clinic in Toronto

Complimentary Consultations

Our experienced medical aestheticians offer honest and helpful advice in convenient collaboration with you. Using the information you provide and the look and feel of your skin, we can help you develop a skin care routine, recommend products, or even create a customized package for in-clinic treatments. Here we can assess your skin, address your concerns, and answer any questions. Just ask!

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PixelRF uses focused radio frequency to boost collagen and elastin production which is essential in smooth, tight, healthy looking skin.


Microneedling causes micro damage to the skin to promote cell renewal and smoothen out the skin.

Advanced Facials

facials provide deep cleansing and extractions to reveal clear, smooth skin, ingredients such as vitamin C are used to brighten the skin and light therapy is used to minimize pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels provides deep cleansing and smoothens out uneven skin tone to reveal healthier looking skin.

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Consultations are always complimentary.

Our acne treatments are completely customizable to each client’s skin type. Book an appointment to come in and discuss any concerns, have your questions answered, and, most importantly, see if you feel comfortable. We want to be part of your journey to healthy, clear and radiant skin.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Laserlicious for Your Next Facial
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Because we choose YOU. Every time, no matter your circumstances or your unique skin care needs, we will choose to help you to the best of our skills and abilities as our top priority. WE LISTEN. We want the best outcome for you, and will strive to advise and educate you in all aspects of your skin care journey, be it pre-treatment plans, at-home products, laser hair removal schedules, or in-depth facial treatment programs, we are here for you and will listen to you before offering our honest assessment. WE ARE WELCOMING. That isn’t just in location, which is convenient to all of the GTA, but in the small personal ways that make you sure you’re in the right place. Our treatments are for ALL clients, and because we love your skin, we will help you develop a plan that suits you best. We are recognized as among the best. WE ARE AWARDED for our top-notch care, hygienic environment, and relaxing atmosphere while providing the best results. WE ARE DISCRETE. Whether it’s finally removing that skin tag, or inquiring about brightening your intimate areas, we are private, non-judgmental, and can explain the process in the most comfortable way possible. WE ARE LASERLICIOUS, and we can’t wait to meet you!

The Highest Standards In Laser, Body, Skin Care And Beauty Treatments

  • All products are health Canada and FDA approved
  • Natural looking results
  • Experienced and fully trained medical aestheticians
  • All systems and products onsite are medical grade
  • Easily accessible to all of the GTA
  • We offer honest opinions in order to provide our clients with the knowledge to make an educated decision
  • We treat all skin types including darker skin and sensitive skin
  • We care about our clients

Meet Our Founder And Head Aesthetician

Say hello to Rana Andriya, Head Aesthetician and Founder of Laserlicious, the award-winning medical spa located in the heart of the GTA. With over 17 years of experience, Rana has and continues to provide the latest and greatest services for all her clientele with care, detail, and integrity.

Rana’s medical aesthetics career grew from the modest desire to learn, and after her initial certifications she worked at various training institutions providing superior service and results for all her clients. It is through this time being a mentor and teacher that Rana’s personal vision of client care and service grew. While starting small with one room for laser and skin treatments, and a vast store of knowledge and experience, Rana’s special relationship with her clients and her honest and client-first approach began to grow. Eventually both her experience and client base became too big for a single room, so with the encouragement of her family and clients, and her ambition to see her vision come to life, Rana made the move to expand into a larger location. Within months her new business – named Laserlicious – had flourished with the addition of new clients, aestheticians, and top-notch support staff.

The top priority of Laserlicious comes from Rana herself; the creation of a space where everybody can get quality treatment, excellent results, and sensitive, detailed care. Rana believes that the collaboration of aestheticians with aestheticians, aestheticians with clients, and clients with the clinic is paramount to create a helpful, judgment-free space where client care is transparent, fair, and current.

As Rana and the whole proud team at Laserlicious strive for excellence, the road to success constantly changes as the industry evolves almost daily. A big believer in updated and regular training, researching new technologies and products, and keeping her staff up to date with new treatments, feel secure in the fact that Rana and Laserlicious are prepared to provide the absolute best for you and your skin.

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Rana Andriya


Meet Our Founder And Head Aesthetician

Rana Andriya


Meet Rana Andriya, head aesthetician and owner of Laserlicious, a medical spa located in the heart of the GTA. With over fifteen years of experience, Rana has and continues to provide the latest and greatest services for all her clients with care and integrity.

Coming from humble beginnings, she started working at various educational schools providing superior service and results for all her clients. By being a mentor and teacher, it gave the experience and knowledge for Rana to further succeed in her career. With all the knowledge she has accumulated; she ventured on her own with one room giving laser hair removal and skin treatments for her clients. After several years of being a one-woman show, she made the bold move and expanded to a larger location under the new name Laserlicious. Within months of the opening she saw the business flourish with new clients and staff.

Creating a space where people can get quality treatments, excellent results and also feel like the clients are being taken care of has always been Rana’s top priority; not just as an aesthetician but as a successful business owner.

As she continues to strive for perfection, the road to success has been an extraordinary one. With the industry constantly evolving, new technologies and products being introduced almost on the daily, it hasn’t deterred Rana from doing her job which is providing the absolute best for her clients.


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