How Many Hydrafacials Do You Need to See Results?

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    October 18, 2022
Hydrafacial Treatment Canada

Hydrafacials are quick, easy treatments that promise to leave your skin refreshed. However, many still have additional questions about the treatment, including how many hydrafacials are needed to see results.

In this post, we will take a closer look at hydrafacials, sharing with you all you need to know about the skincare treatment.

What Are Hydrafacials?

Hydrafacials are skin treatments that hydrate and revitalize your skin, giving it a healthy glow. They use a unique technology to exfoliate your skin, removing oil and debris from congested skin pores.

Who Can Benefit from Hydrafacial Treatments?

Your skin could always use extra attention to address any brown spots, dead skin cells, and skin conditions you might have. The treatment can improve various conditions, so anyone can benefit from getting hydrafacials, regardless of skin type.

The treatments can correct your skin’s imbalances and uneven textures and are essential for those with oily skin, enlarged pores, or clogged pores. If that isn’t enough, the hydrafacial treatment can improve signs of aging, helping you address fine lines and wrinkles.

What to Expect from Your Hydrafacial Treatment

Before we get to how many hydrafacials you need to see results, we thought we’d begin by informing you about what to expect from the treatment.

Your treatment will begin with a consultation, which involves an evaluation of your skin’s needs, which helps us determine the most beneficial approach.

Once we establish the most suitable solution, your treatment will begin.

During the treatment, we use serums that penetrate deep into your skin, providing moisture and nourishment. As the device exfoliates, hydrates, and cleanses your skin, you will feel no discomfort. 

How Long Does a Hydrafacial Take?

The treatment will take 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your treatment package and the area we are treating.

How Many Hydrafacials Do You Need to See Results?

You only need one hydrafacial treatment before you see results. However, with multiple sessions, you can enjoy long-term skin health.

How Long Does Hydrafacials Last?

Typically, your results will last between four and six weeks. However, this will depend on your condition, skin type, and skincare routine.

Some might experience peeling or redness afterwards, but this tends to go away after a week.

How Often Should You Get Hydrafacial Treatments?

It can take time for your skin to recover fully, but you don’t have to wait more than 12 months before your next hydrafacial treatment.

We recommend scheduling monthly treatments to maintain the results.

Professional Hydrafacial Treatments

Are you searching for a skincare treatment that can exfoliate your sensitive skin, opening its pores and leaving it smooth and healthy? Then our hydrafacial treatments are perfect for you.

At Laserlicious, we provide professional skincare treatments in a safe and comfortable environment, helping our clients enjoy natural-looking results in no time.

Are hydrafacials suitable for you? How many hydrafacials are needed to see results? Get in touch with Laserlicious at (647) 409-0089 to schedule a free consultation with our experienced, highly skilled medical aestheticians in Etobicoke, ON.