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    June 11, 2019

We have all heard the saying that the ‘Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul’ and I believe that to be true. Eye contact is so important, it is one of the most important things when making a first impression and it makes sense that we take care of our eyes as best as we can.

I love playing with my eye shadows and experimenting with colour, but what’s most important are my lashes; when my lashes are done I feel like a million bucks. Now I have had my fair share of mascaras boasting volume, thickness and health; but I wasn’t getting the look I was hoping for with my lashes long-term.

Fast-forward to my first Spa Show in Toronto. This is where I had my first encounter with the awesome people at BeautyD and EyEnvy. Now I have heard about Lash Growing serums that are supposed to lengthen, strengthen and promote healthy lashes; most of them are costly and results are not long lasting. In speaking with the reps from BeautyD, I was intrigued by EyEnvy but not completely sold. It wasn’t until one of the reps showed me a small patch of bare skin on his lower cheek and said to me “You see this spot, I am using EyEnvy and I guarantee you when I deliver these products in six weeks, my hair will have grown in” I being the sassy person I can be rolled my eyes and was like ‘Okay whatever dude” Six weeks later, he shows up, struts his way towards me and smiles. I kid you not, there was not a bare spot on his facial hair; I was impressed. I told him I’m sold, give me my EyEnvy.

EyEnvy – A Brief Introduction

Established in 2009, EyEnvy® was created with the vision to get people feeling as good as they look. The formulation in this product allows for even the most sensitive of people to use this product safely and provide desired results.


Some interesting points about EyEnvy that are notable:

  • Canadian Company (Go Canada!)
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Friendly

My own experience with EyEnvy has been my saving grace in keeping my lash game on point. I have seen what it has done in my life and I share that with everyone I meet. What’s great about this product is that consistent and proper use is essential results can be seen in as little as six weeks. Even though my lashes are looking fabulous I still use EyEnvy on the daily. Why? Consistency and health of my lashes. It has become part of my morning routine that I cannot leave my house without it.

Here’s how to use it, step by step

Only use EyEnvy in the morning and on the top lash line only: Why? As we blink a lot when we are awake, the serum will penetrate the top lashes and also hit the bottom lashes as well, it’s not safe to use at night time as the serum may get into the eyes and cause irritation.

The applicator looks like a liquid liner brush, it’s important to remove excess of product from brush, so in a wiping circular motion do this on the neck of bottle (like you would with nail polish)

Helpful Tip: Shake EyEnvy bottle to ensure all ingredients are well mixed.

Starting three quarters of the way in, sweep the brush across the lash line in one motion. You don’t want to start right at the tear duct as you don’t want your lashes to be long at that point. (It’s happened to me, it’s not fun to deal with) Do the same on the other eye.

Helpful Tip: Make sure lashes and eyes are clean and free of product, wait about a minute to apply eye makeup and mascara.

Repeat this for six weeks and your lashes will look bomb!

Remember: Consistency Is Key!

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