Shira Organic


A little more than 20 years after Sara Nezaria took her step of faith, transitioning her love of skin care into a modest business, Shira Esthetics took its boldest step with the launch of the Shir-Organic collection – a sumptuous line of 17 naturally sourced products rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants. Blended using only the most potent “super fruits” and botanicals and packaged in all natural bamboo jars, the eco-friendly collection drew instant raves and introduced Shira to an even broader client base


Shira Organic

Shira Organics

In 1990 Sara Nezaria formed Shira Esthetics. She branded her first line of mineral rich products from the Dead Sea as Solar Energy, and followed up with treatment collections based on other natural ingredients: Chamomile, Azulene, and Sea Weed. The distinctive ingredient approach of Shira’s early product lines became favorites of regional spa owners, and Shira’s market niche as a reputable and innovative supplier to the professional spa channel solidified.

Shira Organic

Shira At Laserlicious

It comes at no surprise that Shira is among the favourite skin care lines for our clients. The products are effective, environmentally friendly packaged, affordable and provide results.

With their beautifully scented moisturizers to their calming cleansers, Shira’s home care products have pleased every client that has taken them.


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