101 Skincare Products For Teens

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 Posted January 15, 2022
skincare products for teens

As parents, we care deeply for our children. Although sometimes, they feel as though we’re smothering them and embracing them in front of friends, the truth is, parents will do anything to see their babies (despite all grown up as teens) be happy and excel. When it comes to taking care of your health, skincare plays just as important a role. Here is how to pick good skincare products for your teenager.

We want to help you get the best skincare routine for your ever-growing child and boost their confidence and joy.

Items that every teen should have in their skincare collection


Skincare goes a long way, even when applying sunscreen before heading out. While the application of sunscreen may seem unnecessary or not something to give a second thought, it is indeed life-changing and skin-loving.

A high SPF of 25 or more for the skin is ideal for maximum protection from the sun. Sunscreen also protects their supple skin and can prevent premature wrinkles.

We recommend the AlumierMD Clear Shield moisturizer as it is a physical sunscreen that is non-comedogenic and will protect as well as hydrate skin. 

Acne skincare

Nobody likes acne, and it can lower self-confidence. However, acne symptoms include shiny skin and acne scarring. Visiting our Medispa sooner than later for your kid is important. Your medical aesthetician will also advise what kind of skincare he needs.

For acne, ingredients like salicylic acid play a significant role. Exfoliation is vital to acne-prone skin, as is hydration. Having all these will help improve the situation through a daily facial routine.

Pimple patches are available in various brands, and the DuoDerm dressing is popular and very effective.

Makeup for the tweens and teens

Mineral makeup is one of the best options for your teen and even for you. Because mineral makeup is made from natural sources, it is safer to use on your skin and won’t have the same harsh effects as makeup made with chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Mineral makeup is also breathable, which is excellent for the skin, and you don’t have to worry too much about streaks or insufficient blending. It’s an excellent way for your teen daughter to experiment with makeup while being confident that the mineral makeup won’t be harsh on the skin.

Extra perks for today’s gen of teens

With the likes of YouTube and beauty channels booming online, teens are wiser to taking care of their skin. Most definitely more than we were growing up. This is a good thing, and it can only get better from here. From makeup tutorials to smart makeup choices, it’s all there online for your youngster to check out.

Keeping it simple and fresh is one of the best ways to keep your kid’s skincare routine in check. We don’t want to make things overcomplicated because that’s not cool. Even if we are dying to smother them, it’s also great to free up the reins and let them make up their mind.

Whether you’re raising a tween or a teen, have fun parents because they truly grow up fast.

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