Easy Face Routine To Clear & Radiant Skin

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 Posted September 3, 2021
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Gen-Z is stressing over nothing more than accepting your beauty inside and out and embracing yourself. Beauty in its true definition is varied, complex & intertwined, and clear & healthy skin is inherent in all of them.

Clear skin makes you confident, presentable and shows your command over your daily routine. Today it is extremely hard to keep your skin glowing and nourished because of the pollution outside, harmful chemicals in our food, and most importantly, toxic components of inappropriate cosmetics.

Here I will give you an easy, super-fast, and affordable face routine to make your skin happy.

1 – Cleanse Your Face

The very first step of any face routine is cleaning your face. Pick a cleanser that is gentle for regular use and suits your skin’s needs. The nature of your skin varies from dry to oily to combination to sensitivity and so on. Your product should not go against your needs. What I mean to imply is that if you have dry skin, do not use a product that is designed for oily skin as it will eliminate all the essential oils and cause breakouts.

Cleanse your face twice daily- once in the morning and once before going to bed. Twice a week, use a gentle face scrub to remove all the impurities thoroughly.

2 – Do Not Skip A Toner

In recent times, the limelight is really on this step which many seem to ignore. Once you start using a toner religiously, you will see the difference it makes. After cleansing, your pores are open, and toner is going to do its magic there. Choose aqua-based toner in place of alcohol-based products, as many of them will irritate.
You can replace toner with a face serum or treatment. It will be very beneficial if your product contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid as it prevents the buildup of sebum and controls whiteheads.

3 – Moisturize Your Skin Properly

No matter what you do, the one step you should never forget is moisturizing your face regularly. Even if you have oily skin, find a moisturizer that suits your needs and control oils. For dry skins, go for crème-based products, while for oily skins, gel-based products are widely accepted.

4 – Get Your Sleep Schedule Right

It is very important to have a sound sleep. A proper sleep routine will keep your skin happy and healthy. Numerous skin problems have their roots in irregular or inadequate sleep patterns. 7-8 hours of sleep will do wonders for your skin. Remember, beauty does not have a shade, but it has got a glow!

5 – Eat Clean

Digestion plays just as important a role as sleep. If you are eating out quite often, all the spices, oils, and trans-fat will show on your skin real soon. A healthy system nurtures healthy skin. Eat vegetables, citrus fruits, food that contains fish oils, and you will look radiant in no time.

6 – Keep Things Clean That Touches Your Face

This would probably be the most ignored step of today’s generations. All the steps that I have mentioned before are indispensable, but for them to, you have to maintain basic hygiene. Keep your hands clean while touching your face, so apply to your face towels and handkerchiefs. Always remove makeup before going to bed and wash your beauty blenders and brushes at regular intervals.

Basic Things To Avoid For Clear Skin

Now I will list five basic things that you must avoid for clear skin.

1 – Stop Touching Your Face

I know it sounds extreme when I say do not touch your face without washing your hands, but in reality, it is not that difficult. Keep wet wipes handy and pay attention to things you touch.

2 – Stop Messing With Acne

I understand it’s very ASMR to pop that acne, and YouTube is filled with people doing it for money, but please stop being toxic to your skin and leave that pimple alone. Clear skin is more satisfying than popping it.

3 – Don’t Go Crazy On Your Skin

Do NOT think about scrubbing your face manually with some cloth or other items. It will be very damaging to your skin. Use organic skincare products and be gentle with your skin to avoid blemishes and breakouts.

4 – Skipping On Sunscreen

If face routine were a religion, sunscreen would be its GOD. In no circumstances can you skip sunscreen. Pick an SPF according to the intensity of the sun you will be in and your skin type, apply it 10 min before going out and if you are out for a long time, definitely reapply it.

5 – Stop Procrastinating The Face Routine

Get up and follow the 3 step face routine every day starting this moment and never skip it.

I have cracked the code for clear skin here now, and nothing can mess with your glow. Get up, clean-tone-moisturize, and be the beautiful self. Make your days and skin brighter!

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