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Realize Your Beauty with the JuVaShape Ultra at Laserlicious!

At Laserlicious, our philosophy is providing the most professional, safe and effective treatments to our clients. We do not believe in ‘cutting corners’ or ‘taking short cuts’. Our client’s satisfaction and safety is our top priority. That is why we are very excited to announce our newest treatments with the  JuVaShape Ultra, by Alma Lasers. The JuVaShape utilizes Focused Radiofrequency and Microablative RF Pixel applications to ensure customized and effective treatments of a multitude of aesthetic concerns.

What is JuVaShape technology?

Simply put – JuVaShape technology is non-invasive radio frequency technology that can deliver concentrated thermal energy to renew, revitalize and refresh the body and face.

The JuVaShape uses state of the art technology – Focused Radio Frequency. This provides controlled heat therapy to the dermis (skin’s inner layer); this targeted energy helps reorganize the cellular environment, making a permanent change to your fat cells and stimulating collagen production. The body flushes out toxins and retained water; the new collagen gives smooth texture and elasticity to the skin.

JuVaShape Technology treats multiple indications including:

Cellulite – Making a beautiful impression has never been easier by utilizing a combination of RF energy and mechanical massage to treat cellulite.

Wrinkles & Rhytids – Treating wrinkles and rhytids with deep or superficial RF energy gives clients the confidence they need.

Uneven Skin Texture – Uneven skin texture can be smoothed out and balanced using focused microablative RF needling technology on all skin types.

Skin Rejuvenation – The Ultimate

Non-Surgical FaceLift & Double Chin

Want to Have Fresh, Fit, Young Glowing Skin Without Getting Under the Knife?

It’s possible with the JuVaShape Ultra and one of our Favourite Treatments: The Non-Surgical FaceLift & Double Chin

This treatment uses the focused radio frequency that focuses on tightening the skin giving it a natural lift while the ultrasound technology reduces the fat on the double chin causing it to melt away.

This treatment is extremely comfortable and very relaxing. It compares to a nice warm facial massage. The unique handpieces provide comfort, efficiency, safety and amazing results.

Body Contouring & Body Shaping and Cellulite Reduction

The JuVaShape Ultra uses two patented technologies for improving the appearance and the contours of your face and body. The Ultrasonic waves destroy fat cells and reshape fatty or problem areas of the face or body, by melting fat cells and cellulite. The Focused Radio Frequency (RF) technology uses radio frequency to achieve lymphatic drainage and skin tightening, which helps in body reshaping and body contouring.

Treatment with The JuVaShape Ultra is very comfortable and feels like a hot stone massage. There is no downtime or recovery period; you can promptly return to work, exercise and resume your normal routine. This makes it a great option for clients who wish to enhance their appearance, but are not interested in Invasive treatments like tummy tuck surgery or liposuction.

Body Contouring & Body Shaping
Body Contouring & Body Shaping

What makes JuVaShape ultra better you ask?

  • Clinically proven pulsed (non-thermal) focused ultrasound technology for fat cell reduction
  • Delivers consistent fat reduction throughout the treatment area – no irregularities
  • Comfortable and simple, “walk-in, walk-out” procedure
  • Avoids bruising, swelling or downtime with pulsed focused ultrasound technology
  • Long-lasting measurable lost inches results within just a few weeks
  • High client satisfaction with no reported side effects

8 treatments recommended, scheduled 1-2 weeks apart, to get long-lasting results!

Body Contouring & Body Shaping

Cellulite Reduction

The dimpled, unsightly skin related with cellulite is a major concern that many women suffer from. JuVaShape Ultra offers a clinically-proven solution of cellulite. A combination of RF energy and a massage device increases metabolism of fat tissue – reducing fat cell volume and stimulating lymphatic drainage of broken down cellulite, leaving you with firmer, visibly smoother skin.

Body Contouring & Body Shaping

If you’re interested in learning more about Non-Surgical Body Contouring, Cellulite Reduction, and all of the other treatments available with the JuVaShape Ultra, contact Laserlicious Inc at 647-409-0089 for a consultation.

At Laserlicious, we provide all our clients with in-house financing to make investing in yourself a reality.

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