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vShape Ultra - Body Contouring

Introducing the next generation in non-invasive body contouring treatments. This multiplatform technology uses focused, thermal energy to reduce fat, target cellulite, and tighten loose skin virtually anywhere on the face and body.

The vShape Ultra is the first and only patented Ultrasound and Focused Radio Frequency technology approved by the FDA and Health Canada. The combination of Ultrasonic waves for fat reduction and Focused Radio Frequency for skin tightening makes for comfortable treatments and excellent results.

Designed to be the highest value in anti-aging treatments, the vShape Ultra (JuVaShape) firms and tones loose and saggy skin, while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you looking – and feeling – your best.

vShape Ultra body sculpting at Laserlicious

  • Relaxing treatments and no downtime
  • Treatments are safe for all skin types
  • Targeted and customized treatments to treat problem areas
  • Rapid long-lasting results
  • FDA and health Canada approved
  • Safety is our top priority
  • Highly skilled medical aestheticians
  • On-going training (Laser is what we do!)
  • We care about our clients
  • Honesty and integrity are very important to us
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The Next Generation, Patented Ultrasound Radiofrequency Platform of The Future

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Vshape Ultra System

Ultrasound For Fat Reduction

Laserlicious offers vShape Ultra Body contouring in the greater Toronto area; this patented multiplatform Ultrasound and Radiofrequency technology helps take care of fatty deposits, cellulite, loose and sagging skin among other problems. While the radiofrequency is the best treatment for skin tightening, The vShape™ patented Ultrasound delivers Cold Shearwave and Hot Ultrasound technology to selectively target fat cells. The shear wave vibrations disrupt the fat cell membranes, leading to the gradual breakdown and release of stored fat and fluids. Damaged fat cells and their contents are then disposed of through the lymphatic system. Ultrasound energy offers a more powerful technology for disrupting fat pockets Customizing treatments for specific problem areas is the best approach to see maximum results. Our team of experts will understand these during your consultation to choose from the vShape radiofrequency and ultrasound procedures, or the need for use of different hand pieces at the same session, The number of sessions required to achieve the results is also customized according to your desired results.

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Vshape Rf Handpiece

Focused Radiofrequency For Skin Tightening

vShape™ provides visible results because it is the only treatment of its kind to use a “dual layer” approach, this state of the art technology uses Focused Radio Frequency. This provides controlled heat therapy to the dermis (the skin’s inner layer) this targeted energy helps reorganize the cellular environment by creating a thermal reaction in the tissue which triggers the body’s response. This makes a permanent change to your fat cells while stimulating collagen and elastin production, as well as new fibroblasts. The body flushes out toxins and retained water, and the newly-produced collagen gives a smoother texture and elasticity to the skin. This effectively refines and tones your skin, which lead to the skin becoming firmer, smoother, and noticeably more youthful.

The Laserlicious Difference

A Comfortable Treatment with No Need for Downtime Treatments with the JuVaShape Ultra is virtually painless, comparable to a relaxing deep tissue hot stone massage. Best of all, treatments are customizable to each client’s needs and concerns for visible long-lasting results. As soon as you walk out our door you can resume your daily routine.

vShape Ultra can treat many parts of the body and face. Here are some of the most popular areas that can be treated:

  • Flanks
  • Abdominal area
  • Legs/thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Love handles

Small areas that can be treated

  • Neck and chin
  • Arms
  • Bra area
  • Face
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What to Expect for your First Body Contouring

One of the best features of this exciting technology is that there is absolutely no downtime related to vShape Ultra treatments. You may complete a session comfortably and quickly on your lunch break or after work in less than 45 minutes and because there is no associated swelling, pain, or other adverse effects, you can complete treatment and return to your daily routine right away. Most people find the treatment process to be comfortable and relaxing.

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Learn About Our Other vShape Ultra Treatments

Green Peel

Green Peel works on the deeper level of the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and reveal clear healthy skin.


PixelRF uses focused radio frequency to boost collagen and elastin production which is essential in smooth, tight, healthy looking skin.


Microneedling causes micro damage to the skin to promote cell renewal and smoothen out the skin.

body contouring treatments in Toronto

Ready to Lift, Tighten, and Sculpt?

The Fountain of Youth may be a myth, but thanks to the vShape Ultra, we can help to turn back the hands of time, revealing a younger-looking, more contoured you. After all, age is just a number, and now it is your number to choose.

vShape Ultra Body Sculpting.


8-12 treatments are recommended per target area, spaced two weeks apart. This is because time is required for the body’s natural, regenerative and healing processes to work.

The vShape Ultra’s unique focused radiofrequency technology and ultrasound technology is proven safe and effective for all skin types.

You will likely be able to see visible results by the third treatment but some people have reported seeing positive changes after the first treatment too!

Good candidates for Body Contouring are generally close to their ideal weight but have areas of the body they’d like to reshape/redefine. Body Contouring can slim down parts of your body but is not appropriate for substantial overall weight loss.

Treatments with V Shape ultra are very comfortable and even relaxing, most clients describe it as a hot stone massage with both Radio Frequency and Ultrasound.

No special preparation is required, just hydrate well for better results. We also recommend you wear comfortable clothes.

Yes! Body Contouring is safe to do in concert with other treatments. However, same-day treatments are not recommended and will be spaced appropriately by your Medical Aesthetician.

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Because we choose YOU. Every time, no matter your circumstances or your unique skin care needs, we will choose to help you to the best of our skills and abilities as our top priority. WE LISTEN. We want the best outcome for you, and will strive to advise and educate you in all aspects of your skin care journey, be it pre-treatment plans, at-home products, laser hair removal schedules, or in-depth facial treatment programs, we are here for you and will listen to you before offering our honest assessment. WE ARE WELCOMING. That isn’t just in location, which is convenient to all of the GTA, but in the small personal ways that make you sure you’re in the right place. Our treatments are for ALL clients, and because we love your skin, we will help you develop a plan that suits you best. We are recognized as among the best. WE ARE AWARDED for our top-notch care, hygienic environment, and relaxing atmosphere while providing the best results. WE ARE DISCRETE. Whether it’s finally removing that skin tag, or inquiring about brightening your intimate areas, we are private, non-judgmental, and can explain the process in the most comfortable way possible. WE ARE LASERLICIOUS, and we can’t wait to meet you!

The Highest Standards In Laser, Body, Skin Care And Beauty Treatments

  • All products are health Canada and FDA approved
  • Natural looking results
  • Experienced and fully trained medical aestheticians
  • All systems and products onsite are medical grade
  • Easily accessible to all of the GTA
  • We offer honest opinions in order to provide our clients with the knowledge to make an educated decision
  • We treat all skin types including darker skin and sensitive skin
  • We care about our clients

Meet Our Founder And Head Aesthetician

Say hello to Rana Andriya, Head Aesthetician and Founder of Laserlicious, the award-winning medical spa located in the heart of the GTA. With over 17 years of experience, Rana has and continues to provide the latest and greatest services for all her clientele with care, detail, and integrity.

Rana’s medical aesthetics career grew from the modest desire to learn, and after her initial certifications she worked at various training institutions providing superior service and results for all her clients. It is through this time being a mentor and teacher that Rana’s personal vision of client care and service grew. While starting small with one room for laser and skin treatments, and a vast store of knowledge and experience, Rana’s special relationship with her clients and her honest and client-first approach began to grow. Eventually both her experience and client base became too big for a single room, so with the encouragement of her family and clients, and her ambition to see her vision come to life, Rana made the move to expand into a larger location. Within months her new business – named Laserlicious – had flourished with the addition of new clients, aestheticians, and top-notch support staff.

The top priority of Laserlicious comes from Rana herself; the creation of a space where everybody can get quality treatment, excellent results, and sensitive, detailed care. Rana believes that the collaboration of aestheticians with aestheticians, aestheticians with clients, and clients with the clinic is paramount to create a helpful, judgment-free space where client care is transparent, fair, and current.

As Rana and the whole proud team at Laserlicious strive for excellence, the road to success constantly changes as the industry evolves almost daily. A big believer in updated and regular training, researching new technologies and products, and keeping her staff up to date with new treatments, feel secure in the fact that Rana and Laserlicious are prepared to provide the absolute best for you and your skin.

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Rana Andriya


Meet Our Founder And Head Aesthetician

Rana Andriya


Meet Rana Andriya, head aesthetician and owner of Laserlicious, a medical spa located in the heart of the GTA. With over fifteen years of experience, Rana has and continues to provide the latest and greatest services for all her clients with care and integrity.

Coming from humble beginnings, she started working at various educational schools providing superior service and results for all her clients. By being a mentor and teacher, it gave the experience and knowledge for Rana to further succeed in her career. With all the knowledge she has accumulated; she ventured on her own with one room giving laser hair removal and skin treatments for her clients. After several years of being a one-woman show, she made the bold move and expanded to a larger location under the new name Laserlicious. Within months of the opening she saw the business flourish with new clients and staff.

Creating a space where people can get quality treatments, excellent results and also feel like the clients are being taken care of has always been Rana’s top priority; not just as an aesthetician but as a successful business owner.

As she continues to strive for perfection, the road to success has been an extraordinary one. With the industry constantly evolving, new technologies and products being introduced almost on the daily, it hasn’t deterred Rana from doing her job which is providing the absolute best for her clients.


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