We May Not Have Found The Fountain of Youth … But We’re Pretty Close!

 Tighten, Brighten, Smoothen, & Lift Your Skin to Its Natural Glowing State with the JuVaShape Ultra’s Microblative PixelRF Treatments! 

Skin Rejuvenation
Skin Rejuvenation

The JuVaShape Ultra’s Micro Plasma Technology which is delivered by the Microablative  PixelRF tips, both in motion and stationary, creates multiple controlled micro perforations by ablating the skin.

MicroPlasma technology is the most advanced Skin Resurfacing technology on the market today and provides improvement in the skin’s overall appearance with a very short and “mild” downtime.

  • Microablative PixelRF module is a Unipolar RF-based
  • Proprietary Micro Plasma fractionated (RF) Technology
  • Uses 10 x 22.7mm roller IN Motion™ roller

The Microablative PixelRF IN Motion™ rolling applicator delivers:

  • Electromagnetic energy
  • Creates multiple controlled, micro-perforations (channels)
  • These micro-perforation channels are surrounded by thermally injured zones, into the skin layers depth.

(Added versatility includes a 12mm stationary mounting for smaller, more localized areas)

With today’s society being obsessed with an active, healthy lifestyle, most men and women feel a lot younger than they look. Aging, acne-scarred and sun damaged skin, wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, and brown spots often mask your inner beauty and age us more than what our actual age is. Fortunately, there is a ground-breaking, new treatment called Microblative PixelRF (Radio Frequency) that provides a look of youthfulness that lasers and topical creams cannot achieve. This treatment reduces scars, minimizes sun spots, acne-scarred skin will be a thing of the past and aids in overall skin rejuvenation.

Microblative PixelRF treatments can be used for the Following:

  • Improve conditions present in superficial and deeper layers of the skin
  • Reduce Hyperpigmentation (ex. sun spots)
  • Reduce Scars (ex Acne Scars)
  • Improve Stretch Marks
  • Smoothen otherwise uneven Skin Texture
  • Reduce fine and deep Wrinkles
  • Skin Tightening

Areas That Can Be Treated Are as Follows:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Eyes
  • Arms
  • Stomach
  • Upper Legs

How it works – To appreciate the benefits of a Microblative PixelRF Treatment, think of a photographic portrait or digital image in need of high quality re-touching. Just as a damaged painting is delicately restored one area at a time, or a photographic image is altered, pixel by pixel, the PixelRF improves your appearance by affecting only a fraction of your skin at a time with thousands of microscopic RF Pixel spots.

It’s like Photoshop for your face!

Benefits of PixelRF when combined with other Skin Treatments 

This unique ‘fractional’ approach is a major step forward in providing significant aesthetically pleasing results with minimal downtime, especially when used in conjunction with other unique treatments for skin tightening and contouring and rejuvenating your skin. By pairing PixelRF with some of our other skin treatments such as the Glow Peel and our Advanced Facials; skin will be fitter, clearer and fresher in no time.  This technology embraces Focused Radio Frequency, no other system on the market can boast that. What the PixelRF can accomplish is something that cannot be achieved with other light based treatments.

Let Us Share A Little Secret With You …

Did you know that you can tell a person’s age simply by looking at their neck and upper chest? It’s true!

We constantly worry and take care of our face but we fail to give the same love and care to our neck and upper chest. Don’t worry, we have a solution!

The PixelRF is an ideal treatment to enhance and tighten the skin on the neck and upper chest.

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