Top 6 Myths & Facts About Cellulite

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    September 13, 2017

Cellulite I think is one of those things that you believe you’re the only one who has it and no one else does and it’s so embarrassing.

Actually – that thought is a myth

Cellulite is an extremely common cosmetic condition that affects nearly 90% of women today.

Because a lot of women have this cellulite there are many ‘facts’ about this condition and how to treat it. So before doing anything drastic or loading up on creams and lotions, read up on the top 6 myths and facts about Cellulite – you may be surprised.

Cellulite is caused by toxins in your body


What causes Cellulite – Cellulite happens when underlying fat deposits push through layers of connective tissue under the skin. It’s just that simple. Our body naturally produces Cellulite, it’s not caused by toxins or impurities that may be in our body.

Women get more Cellulite than men


It is true that Cellulite plagues women more so than men. For women, the troubled areas include the thighs and buttocks area. Women tend to carry more fat around their hips and thighs and because the connective tissue isn’t very strong, the cellulite is more prominent.

Cellulite only happens to people who are overweight


Cellulite plagues people of all shapes and sizes. It is true that the more weight a person carries the more noticeable the cellulite is. But remember even those individuals who are in shape and workout regularly are also suffering from Cellulite, it happens to everyone.

Cellulite is hereditary


It is true that Cellulite can be passed through genetics, if someone in your family has Cellulite chances are you will get it too. Because our bodies naturally produce Cellulite it not uncommon for Cellulite to appear at an early age.

Skin Firming creams can cure Cellulite


We keep seeing in social media and the news about these new innovative creams and over the counter products that promise to reduce and remove Cellulite – the truth is, no creams, lotions or medication can remove Cellulite. Any topicals to reduce the appearance of Cellulite would be products that have Retinol in them, again it mildly reduces the appearance of Cellulite.

Non-invasive Procedures for Cellulite really do work


In order to reduce the appearance of Cellulite, treatments that incorporate Radio Frequency is your best bet. Thankfully at Laserlicious there is a system in the market that targets Cellulite with patented Focused Radio Frequency in a comfortable and efficient way. The JuVaShape Ultra is an advanced Body Shaping, Skin Tightening and Skin Rejuvenation System that safely and effectively contours the body with proven results.

What does the JuVaShape Ultra do for Cellulite?

With a combination of Focused Radio Frequency energy and a massage device, the JuVaShape Ultra increases the metabolism of fat tissue – reducing fat cell volume and stimulating lymphatic drainage it breaks down Cellulite, leaving the skin firmer, visibly smoother.