Treatment Review – Glow Peel

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    November 14, 2019

We recently had guest blogger TheGeekyVeg come in and try Our Glow Peel Treatment. Read about her experience!

My Experience Getting a Glow Peel

I was always hesitant about getting a Glow Peel because of previous experiences I had with my skin and several products I used in the past. I didn’t know how my skin would react because my skin is sensitive. I have dry skin, flakiness, some sun damage, hyperpigmentation, occasional breakouts, uneven skin tones and oil which causes my breakouts. That’s a lot of things going on for just one person so I knew I had to do something about it. I have heard about AlumierMD products before and I was always intrigued by the Glow Peel, especially after seeing results that others have had and seeing the before and after photos. 

I was especially excited to do this peel and use the AlumierMD products because they are vegan + cruelty free aside from a couple for their products which contain honey. This is important to me because as a vegan I only use products that are vegan + C.F! It’s also great because they are also free of sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil and dyes. 

I was told a Glow Peel would benefit me because of the problems I mentioned before pertaining to my skin. The Glow Peel is great for all skin types (dry, normal, oily, dehydrated, hyperpigmentation, acne prone and ageing skin) Each Glow Peel is customized for the individual. For me, this included a clay mask, a peel treatment, brightening enhancement and serums specially targeted for my skin so that my skin will be soft and glowing right after the treatment! A skin consultation is done to determine how many layers and treatments need to be done to get the results I need. The Glow Peel can be added to up to 4 layers. They know how many layers to add by seeing how my skin reacts to the peel.

The process of the Peel starts with a cleanse. After that, the peel is added on the face and neck for approximately for 3 to 5 minutes until the next layer (if needed) is added. The Peel started to cause a tingly feeling and my skin was very hot. Luckily they had a fan which they put by the side of my face that really helped. This feeling didn’t last too long as they added the Brightening Accelerator which heightened the feeling but only for a short time and to help bring the feeling all the way down they used Intensive Recovery to help sooth, heal and hydrate my skin. The process was a great experience! It was less than an hour and although the peel became uncomfortable and caused my skin to react and feel tingly the products they use to bring that feeling down worked so quick and it felt great once it was put on. 

Once the treatment was over, I was told that within the next couple of days my skin would start to peel. Trust me, it is worth your skin flaking for a few days to reveal your new skin underneath that’s smoother and more glowing than ever before. It’s best to plan your peel accordingly because you will definitely be flaking, so if you have any wedding, parties etc. be sure you’re doing it beforehand so you have amazing skin for these events! 

After a week I couldn’t believe the results! I was in dire need of a peel and it was obvious with how my skin looked just a week after the peel. I haven’t even been wearing makeup this week because there was no need. That’s how much of a difference the peel made for my skin. I’m so happy with the results and can’t wait for my next peel. Per there instructions, I should be doing a peel every month until I see and am happy with how my skin is looking. After, every three months is good to maintain the effects of the peel and to keep my skin looking and feeling its best. 

Thank you to the ladies for treating my skin and letting me share my experience with all of you!