What Happens if I Do Only One Laser Hair Removal Session?

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    December 23, 2023
Laser Hair Removal in Etobicoke

Many people share a desire for smooth skin free of unwanted hair. Shaving and waxing are effective hair reduction methods, but they only have temporary results. Laser hair removal is a more long-term solution to treat unwanted hair growth. 

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You’ll see immediate results following your first hair removal treatment. As such, before getting your first treatment, you might ask yourself, “What happens if I do only one laser hair removal session?” Learn how laser hair removal works and why you’ll likely need multiple sessions to achieve optimal results below. 

What is Laser Hair Removal and How Does it Work?

Laser hair removal might sound frightening, but it’s a simple, non-invasive cosmetic procedure. The treatment uses concentrated light to kill or irreparably damage hair follicles.

As the light hits the target area, the melanin or pigmentation in each hair absorbs the laser beam. The damage from exposure to the laser’s light will eventually cause hair to stop growing.

Laser hair removal is the best way to remove unwanted body hair permanently. It works well on almost any hair and skin type without pain or side effects beyond mild discomfort. The technician performing the treatment can use a device to spray chilled air over the treated area to minimize discomfort.

What Happens After Your First Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The simplest answer to, “What happens if I do only one laser hair removal session?” is you’ll still notice hair reduction. However, the reduction could also be due to hair follicles that are in their dormant phase.

You’ll likely notice a slower growth cycle for your hair as a result. Your skin will look and feel smoother longer than shaving or waxing alone. The hair that regrows may have a finer, lighter appearance with each growth cycle until the follicles stop producing hairs entirely.

People sometimes have patchy regrowth after their laser hair removal procedure. Not all hair follicles will be in active growth periods during treatment. This can result in treated areas with fine and coarse hairs growing together.

Is One Session Enough?

Even with the short-term benefits of laser hair removal, you’ll need several sessions to eliminate unwanted hairs from your body permanently. People usually need an average of eight to 10 sessions, with treatment every five to six weeks, to get consistent, long-term results. Waiting weeks between appointments is necessary to target all hair follicles in their growing periods. 

The precise number and frequency of treatments you’ll need depends on several factors, like hair type, skin type, and treatment area. Hair color is another factor.

The melanin in the hair is what absorbs the laser’s light. People with light-colored hair usually need more sessions than those with dark, highly pigmented hair colors. 

Get Optimal Results on Your Hair Removal Journey With Laserlicious

Still asking, “What happens if I do only one laser hair removal session?” Proudly serving Etobicoke, Toronto, and other nearby communities, our expert Laserlicious staff provides personalized laser hair removal treatment using result-driven techniques and advanced technology. Contact Laserlicious in Etobicoke (647) 496-5893 for a complimentary consultation with us today.