Reasons Why You Should Switch From Waxing to Laser Hair Removal

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    May 18, 2024
Waxing Vs. Laser Hair Removal

If you’re an avid waxer, making the switch to laser hair removal might not interest you. However, opting for laser hair removal treatments has significant benefits over other measures. Why should you switch from waxing to laser hair removal?

The experts at Laserlicious are here to break down all of the reasons for making the switch.

Less Pain

It’s no secret that waxing can hurt, even if you have a high pain tolerance. You might feel a sensation like a rubber band snapping your skin with a higher pain tolerance or intense pain if you’re new to waxing. With laser hair removal, you don’t have to worry about painful procedures.

Modern laser technology offers pain-free treatments. Most patients report feeling a slight warming sensation over their skin rather than the harsh feeling of removing hair follicles at the root.

It Saves You Money

Why should you switch from waxing to laser hair removal? If you’re looking to save money, you can’t go wrong with laser treatments. You might schedule routine waxing appointments every three to four weeks, which can quickly add up, especially if you wax multiple areas.

With laser hair removal, treatments occur every four to eight weeks. Best of all, you can schedule multiple sessions if you’re looking for permanent hair removal. Going this route means you’ll never have to waste money on waxing appointments, razors, or other hair removal methods again.

It’s Safe

Laser hair removal is a relatively new addition to the beauty industry. As a precaution, some people prefer to stick with waxing over trying a new treatment. However, laser hair removal remains safe for the majority of patients with various skin types.

Keep in mind that professionals don’t recommend laser hair removal to those who are:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Dealing with active skin infections
  • Taking medications that increase skin sensitivity

Consult with an expert before scheduling a treatment to see if it’s the ideal hair removal option for you.

You Can Say “Goodbye” to Ingrown Hairs

Ask an expert, “Why should you switch from waxing to laser hair removal?” and they’ll tell you that a major advantage to laser treatments is the reduced risk of ingrown hairs. Since waxing pulls the hair follicle out of the skin, there’s a possibility that it will grow back with the hair curling inward.

Ingrown hairs irritate the skin and serve as a major drawback to waxing. If you deal with ingrown hairs after waxing appointments, consider making the switch to laser hair removal and have peace of mind.

Reap the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Today

Why should you switch from waxing to laser hair removal? Opting for laser hair removal treatments can save you money with long-lasting results, ensures a safe method of hair removal, and won’t cause any pain to the treatment area.

Take advantage of all these benefits by scheduling a treatment at Laserlicious, a top-rated medical spa specializing in laser hair removal. Call (647) 371-5193 for a free consultation. Speak to a professional today.